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Quality Sober Living
in beautiful
Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Embrace Sober House is a sober living facility located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We provide an abstinence-based, supportive, and recovery-focused living environment for those who are transitioning from primary rehab to an independent life.  We welcome clients of various ages and fitness levels. The age of residents generally ranges from the early twenties to mid-sixties at any one time. This creates a colorful and balanced group in which everyone can learn from each other.

Our professional program consists of therapeutic groups, counseling, sober coaching, yoga/meditation, fitness, weekly excursions, as well as free time each day to explore the delights of this part of Northern Thailand.

Our community is situated close to Doi Suthep in a peaceful area with many Thai and Western shops and restaurants nearby. Chiang Mai has a worldwide reputation for its cultural and natural attractions, so there are plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure nearby. 

Embrace has close relationships with the leading in-patient primary treatment centers in Thailand.  If primary care is needed, we can help you find the first stage of recovery by offering primary/secondary treatment packages. We want to be part of the solution.  We firmly believe that if you do recovery right one time, you’ll never have to do it again.

Henk has spent the last eight years working as a Therapist and Manager / Program Director at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand. He helped develop and refine the treatment program at Hope, which became world-renowned for its success rate.

Henk has extensive clinical experience supporting people experiencing a range of challenges, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, low self-esteem, and marital issues.


Henk Nagel

Founder / Program Director

"The first step towards wellness is allowing yourself to get the help you need"


Eleonore King

Senior Therapist

"We think trauma happens in the mind, but trauma is a whole body event."  - Peter Levine

Eléonore has been a life coach, then a counselor, since 2008. Her specific areas of focus include trauma, anxiety and depression, codependency, neuro-divergence and family estrangement.

She's a recent graduate of Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry program, Brainspotting 1, and Irene Lyon's Smart Body Smart Mind. 
She joined IFS Circles in 2023.

Eléonore is also a director, actress and voice artist. She's blending music therapy and vocal toning to her sessions.


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The Embrace team consists of inspirational professionals from all over the world with a healthy and recovery-based mindset.


We foster a supportive culture combined with a structured program, while providing access to Asia’s largest and most vibrant recovery community.

Our family environment sustains strength, support, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere in a peaceful oasis within the city.

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Our vibrant community is filled with positive energy, inspirational individuals, and a nurturing atmosphere for personal growth.

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World class professional support to help you make the changes needed to become the person you want to be



High speed internet in every room, and a smart TV with Netflix



Daily breakfast is included. We also provide lunches when we go on outings. Residents are free to make their own arrangements for dinner

Group Therapy

Here we focus on key topics that will contribute to the development of sustainable recovery (e.g. CBT, DBT…)

Daily Housekeeping


Our cleaning staff will take care of your room, so you can put all of your focus on your recovery


Our  grounds contain green and lush gardens with several waterfalls. Spending time out here will help you to find peace and calmness


We have house transportation and plenty of access to Grab Taxi. There are also pushbikes available onsite for anyone to use


All of our residents get to enjoy the benefits of gym membership. Our personal trainer is here to help you 


We have an onsite pool where you can cool off, lounge in the sun, or join in a game of pool volleyball


Our focus at Embrace Sober House is supporting each resident to achieve a solid and sustainable recovery from addiction.  This is the time for clients to test their new recovery tools in a safe environment.


We also make use of evidence-based approaches that encourage personal growth and give clients the highest chance of success. This work will strengthen and build upon the initial foundation that was laid down in primary treatment.


Group Therapy

Groups provide support, encouragement, feedback, and encourage residents to improve their communication skills.  We have three psychotherapy groups at Embrace Sober House each week.The topics we look at include relapse prevention, coping skills, self-evaluation as well as general life skills. There is also the opportunity to dig deeper into approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) that clients may have begun learning about in primary treatment. Group therapy also provides an avenue for clients to explore their personal blocks and assets.

Individual Therapy

Every resident attends a weekly 1-on-1 therapy session with a counselor. This is an opportunity to monitor progress and continue to work on any unresolved personal issues.  As well as individual counselling, clients also have a session with a Recovery Coach each week where the focus is on personal growth.

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Physical Exercise

The link between a healthy body and a healthy mind is undeniable. Because of this, improving the fitness level of our residents is an important part of what we do. Every client enjoys yoga twice a week, is given unlimited gym membership, and, where needed, will be able to benefit from personal training.We do many outside group activities like badminton, swimming, jogging, football, biking, hiking, kayaking and more (the availability of activities is dependent on the suitability and preference of the residents). We provide a variety of activities suitable for any age or ability. When we offer a high-intensity morning activity, we always offer alternatives for those who prefer a more relaxing morning. For example, if we go on a steep hike through the jungle, we also offer other options such as restorative yoga, gentle stretching or aqua aerobics onsite.


Meditation not only increases our ability to deal with stress and handle our emotions, it also provides a path to well-being and inner peace. We encourage clients to continue with their personal daily meditation practice, and we also come together three times per week using different meditation formats.

Waking up to catch sunrise with the earl


Together we are stronger. Our community provides an environment where clients are encouraged to build a solid recovery and discover their true potential. We put a lot of effort into creating a healthy and recovery-focused group where we all go in the same direction. Every resident has mandatory group activities, optional group activities, and daily free time to explore Chiang Mai. Push bikes are onsite and available for everyone and Grab taxi is an easy and cheap option to get around.


Having fun is a crucial part of recovery, it keeps us motivated and committed, and this is one of the reasons we chose to locate in Chiang Mai. Here there are unlimited options for fun and adventure such as: ziplining, elephant sanctuaries, rock climbing, temples, hiking, kayaking, rivers with jungle and mountains, culture and historic places, many great food options, night markets etc. There is enough to do so that a stay with us is sure to be enjoyable and educational.

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We have 10 spacious and comfortable

single-occupancy rooms for our residents. Every room has an en-suite bathroom, king-size bed, air-conditioning, fridge, smart TV, digital door lock, daily cleaning, and on site laundry  facility.


Why Chiang Mai?

Recovery Community

Chiang Mai has the largest and best recovery community in Asia. It is a great place to meet up with like-minded individuals and find the support you need to build a new life free of addiction

Cultural Sites


Chiang Mai is renowned in Thailand for being the city with more than a hundred temples. It is arguably also the cultural-capital due to the flourishing local art scene that includes both the traditional as well as the modern elements. 



The famous night market tends to be a highlight for many visitors to Chiang Mai, but there are many more of them to explore throughout the city. This is the place to pick up a unique souvenir, some tasty snacks, or other bargains

Unlimited Leisure Activities


Chiang Mai is a modern city surrounded by stunning natural attractions. For decades, it served as the entry point to the hiking trails of the North. There are leisure activities available to suit every taste



Chiang Mai is located in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas and is surrounded by lakes and jungle covered mountains

Health and Fun


Chiang Mai has a health-focused community with many sport activities like hiking and rock climbing available

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