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Embrace Sober House works closely together with several universities around the world. If you are studying Psychology, Applied Psychology, Social Work, Sports Psychology, or any other addiction / mental health related subjects then an internship at Embrace could be a great addition to your study. Embrace Sober House is an Accredited Work Placement facility, assigned by the Dutch government.

Please read through the slides below and if you are interested, email Mark at and explain how our therapeutic team and our clients will benefit from having you as an intern.


Hi, I’m studying applied psychology.  I got the opportunity to do a 5-month internship and I couldn’t be more grateful that I got to do this at embrace. Embrace feels like a very comfortable and safe place where it’s all about healing but there is also room for laughter and joy.


Addiction was a topic I wasn't familiar with before this internship. Exploring this area has shifted my perspective, broadening my understanding and appreciation for the complexities surrounding addiction. As an intern at Embrace, I got to spend a lot of time with the clients and getting to know every individual and their story has been amazing. Embrace encouraged me during my internship to do everything in the program that benefits me and the clients, including group therapy sessions. Embrace was open to my contributions and provided me with the opportunity to develop competencies that I personally wanted to work on.I've made progress in communication, responsibility, boundaries, and training skills which align significantly with the principles and practices of aplied psychology.The stimulating environment at Embrace has not only helped my professional outlook but has also inspired a personal shift. I've now committed to healthy living myself, having more structure and balance in my own life.


Overall, this experience was a transformative adventure, and I wish every student could have this opportunity.

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